Stakeholder Engagement

Full stakeholder engagement is powerful: it can energize an organization and drive high levels of performance.

Sample Client Issues

  • Lack of employee engagement
  • Cultural misalignment
  • Suppliers or distributors unengaged in organizational vision
  • Poor relationships with regulators, government or media
  • Stakeholder dissatisfaction with communication

Client Benefits

  • Clear and aligned relationships with the entire spectrum of stakeholders
  • Improved financial and operational performance
  • Increased clarity and focus throughout organization
  • Improved execution on strategic initiatives

Creating intentional relationships with internal and external stakeholders is powerful. Investors, parent companies, boards, employees, regulators, distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders can be engaged in full alignment with the organization’s vision. We help identify existing relationships, ensuring clarity of purpose, and mapping opportunities for engagement and communication at multiple levels of the organization to improve stakeholder involvement and satisfaction. We help create an intentional culture of engagement, rallying the entire organization around the achievement of its vision.

Debbie Ahl brings what every success-driven organization needs. She is strategically brilliant, a talented communicator, and a compassionate leader who can identify impediments to success, while teaching teams how to win on a sustainable basis. She has a fine moral compass and the highest integrity.

David A. Goldberg, Illinois Assistant Attorney General

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