About Us

Elevating Organizational Performance

Edgewater Advising strengthens organizations by creating an integrated framework of governance, leadership and stakeholder engagement, allowing our clients to elevate performance levels, realize increased profitability, sustain growth, foster innovation and increase stakeholder satisfaction.

We serve organizations that are experiencing:

  • Growth and Success – we help ensure sustainability and strength for the future.
  • Times of transition – we help achieve clarity, focus and commitment to a common vision.
  • Inability to meet financial and operational goals– we help identify and solve the root cause of issues impeding performance.
  • Ineffective execution of strategy – we help identify why strategic execution falters; establishing clear processes for improvement.
  • Early stage operations – we help achieve new levels, creating foundations for teams, growth and sustainability, and defined exit strategies.

We serve as strategic thought partners, offering an experienced sounding board on mission critical issues. We help our clients dive deeper, providing an objective perspective to strengthen decisions. We identify the root causes of issues impeding performance and create sustainable action plans that align executive and functional teams, engage employees and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

We work with:

  • Boards
  • CEOs
  • C-Suites
  • Individual Executives

We work for:

  • Publicly traded companies
  • Private companies
  • Family-owned companies
  • Large Not-for-profits
  • Professional Services Firms

We help deliver:

  • Improved financial & operational metrics
  • Sustainable growth and innovation
  • Fully engaged stakeholders
  • Cultural competency
  • Transformation and change management
  • Stronger leadership: increased effectiveness, productivity and decision making

Our Vision:

Elevating the performance of organizations and their contribution to our world.

Stronger and healthier organizations with fully engaged teams result in greater satisfaction for internal and external stakeholders, driving higher levels of performance with increased benefit to the economy and community. Ultimately, such organizations can change the world.

Debbie knows how to achieve the vision by building teams that execute for success.   She understands the dynamics of relationships and the need for clear communication that propels companies forward.  She knows how to “make things happen.” Her results speak very loudly.

Richard M. Ravin; Retired Chairman & CEO Combined Insurance Company of America

Our Mission:

We strengthen organizations; identifying issues which impede performance and creating sustainable solutions.

In our complex world, organizations may struggle from exhaustion, lack of clarity in purpose or strategic direction, or chronic issues with communication, cultural misalignment or ineffective execution. We help identify the root causes, creating guiding principles, sustainable action plans, and integrated business frameworks that improve performance.

Our Promise:

As a strategic partner, we focus on the uniqueness of our clients and their desired goals; building strength in foundations which drive performance.

Recognizing each client’s uniqueness and goals, we build foundational strength through strong governance, effective leadership, engaged stakeholder relationships and business frameworks aligned with the core purpose of the organization.

Who we are

debbie-ahlDebbie Ahl

Founder & Managing Partner –

With 20 years in the C-Suite including 10 years as CEO, Debbie is also a seasoned board director with a strong understanding of best practices. With a background spanning public, private and not-for-profit organizations, Debbie has a gift for developing collaborative organizational cultures with teams aligned in their purpose and clear on their vision, process and approach. She is adept at reading situations and understanding the perspectives of all of those involved. Debbie has a strong creative side, counter-balanced with logical, sequential methodology. She relies on data with a complementary gift of insight and intuition. She makes sense of complex situations, mapping solutions with creative and practical approaches; consistently identifying and evaluating global information and bringing it down to the community level. A discerning leader, she has a strong talent for connecting people, information, organizations, and developments within a greater community.

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