Today, the role of the Board of Directors, Trustees or Advisors is more challenging than ever.


Sample Client Issues

  • The Board’s self-evaluation is more of a required exercise than a performance-enhancing process
  • The Board reviews the CEO’s reports; but does not proactively determine areas of oversight
  • Board meetings lack focus on mission critical issues and do not allow for engaged and productive debate
  • Board membership is stagnant or misaligned with organizational needs

Client Benefits:

  • Clarity of Board roles & responsibilities
  • Strong relationships between Board & CEO
  • Alignment of board composition with needs of organization
  • Clear governance systems
  • Dynamic CEO and Board succession planning
  • Engaged and productive board discussions
  • Best practice and next practice

Regulations have increased in the aftermath of the housing crisis and the dot-com bubble. Lay-offs and expense reductions have forced companies to do more with less. Technology has created huge opportunities and a rapid pace of change; but also brutal competition and information overload. Board composition, governance processes, and clarity of the Board’s role are key to optimizing organizational performance.

Edgewater Advising helps to develop a program of improved effectiveness at the board level. We help build trust-based relationships between Board members to optimize productive debate and decision-making, and between the Board and CEO to improve organizational performance.

Debbie is a seasoned, smart executive who knows how to guide businesses through times of challenge and change.  She is strategic, savvy in dealing with government regulators, and bottom-line oriented; always committed to strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Cameron Findlay, Former Executive Vice President & General Counsel; Aon Corporation

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